Since the creation of the first Crown sticks we have been bombarded by passionate goalkeepers who want the best equipment and most importantly for us, the best stick.
We've tailored the same manufacturing method we use for our Crown sticks and applied it to making something that is designed for goalkeeping. Making sure to focus on the weight and strength. 


The current shape trend for goalkeepers is close to a fairly conventional stick profile, with very few elite keepers choosing to play with 'wavy' or 'zig zag' old school keeper stick shapes. The main reason behind this is that keepers are now getting closer to players and using their stick to pressure opponents, rather than just using it as a shot stopping tool.
The Crown keeper stick is a fairly conventional shape, with a flat face and a subtle mid bow curve, just enough of a curve to flick the ball away to safety, but it is a drawn out predictable curve making it easy to block shots in a controlled manner.


Keepers have a tricky optimisation task when it comes to selecting the correct length of stick, it is a balancing act between choosing a stick with enough reach and not selecting a stick that is too long, as the handle can interfere with the keepers protective equipment. In addition to this shootouts or shuttles bring a different dynamic to the keeper's stick selection, as a longer stick is hugely advantageous in these critical situations. This is why we have made Crown Goalkeeper sticks available in a huge variety of lengths, from 33 inches to 41 inches, meaning you can pick the length to suit your playstyle.


In the past keeper sticks have been made almost identically to outfield players sticks, we have changed this dramatically. Keepers use their sticks completely differently to outfield players and so a goalkeeper's stick must be constructed differently to get the best performance. The Crown goalkeeper stick still uses three different types of carbon fibre fabric but the flex points, wall thickness, fibre directions and much more are all different. There are three main construction differences from the outfield Crown stick, firstly that there is a sturdy spine of carbon that runs down the back of the stick. This makes sure that the goalkeeper stick does not flex under impact, to ensure that the ball is rebounded reliably. We have also added reinforcement to the very edges of the Crown keeper stick, as keeper sticks are often subject to wild stick tackles when a player is swinging for an attempt at goal. In addition to this we have balanced the goalkeeper stick so that it feels more comfortable to hold one-handed.


Goalkeepers re-position their grip rapidly, with one hand, at hectic moments during the game. To help goalkeepers to know where their hand is, just by feel, we have added a more destinct feeling textured keeper tape to the middle of the stick; extending the grip. This should help keepers instinctively know where the end of their stick is, especially in frantic moments when diving around and scrambling to get back into position.

For the development process of this stick we asked for the assistance of Toby Reynolds-Cotterill, who this year was part of the Hampstead and Westminster hockey team, that became England Hockey champions.

Check out the video below to learn about the stick


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